Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dana's Diatribe: Original Green Goblin designs for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man

From Studio ADI's YouTube channel

"This video shows ADI's talented crew creating the test makeup of Green Goblin for Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN. This hybrid animatronic/makeup made use of a silicone skin animated by servos and the facial performance of Tom Woodruff, Jr.

As you know, it was rejected."

Like many fans, I was personally turned off by the battle-suit design used in the film. With a little CGI to smooth out some of the facial movement, I think this approach would have been much more interesting and effective. What do you think?


DeadSpiderEye said...

It's nice and although I agree the mask they used wasn't great I'm not that bothered, I'd have been happy with cheap rubber mask to be honest. What they did get right in spades was the confrontation between the two characters and Dafoe was great in the role both physically and with the dialog. I think the physical aspect of the role might have suffered with the equipment needed for this mask.

Dana said...

I would have gone for somewhere in between. Some makeup so that Dafoe's expressions would show, and some prosthetics, as well. Thanks for commenting! - D.