Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Listed TPB that DIED: Infinity Inc. The Generations Vol.2

Dork Update: DC has still not re-solicited this TPB - COME ON PEOPLE!!!

Hardcover Details: Publisher - DC Comics (July 24, 2012)

Book Description:  In this second INFINITY INC. collection, the mysterious Stream of Ruthlessness forces the members of Infinity Inc. to battle the Justice Society of America - while the Ultra-Humanite waits in the wings to destroy whichever team survives. This volume collects Infinity, Inc. #5-18 and Infinity Inc. Annual #1.

Dork Note: DC listed this book Vol. 2 and I was like "Hells YES!"...then it never happened. And I was like "Hells NO!" DC please PLEASE PLEASE - release this volume!


Matt Celis said...

Yeah, I wish it wouldcome out....I have volume 1 and it sucks not to have the whole story.

The Dork said...

I hate when DC or Marvel do this! DC did this with this Infinity Inc. and John Byrne's Generations. Marvel did it recently with the Alpha Flight reboot. For collectors like me its REALLY REALLY annoying!