Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Listed TPB that DIED: Alpha Flight - Volume 2

Dork Update: Marvel has still not re-solicited this TPB - COME ON PEOPLE!!!

Hardcover Details: Publisher - Marvel Comics (July 4, 2012)


Book Description:   As Vindicator leads a team of villains against her former teammates, Alpha Flight embraces their outlaw status by joining forces with the mercenary Taskmaster. Will the master of skill acquisition be able to train the team to reclaim the Canadian government from the fascist forces that have overtaken it? And will partnering with such a compromised cohort be a pact with the devil? Plus: the split personality of Aurora and Jeanne-Marie grows increasingly unstable and threatens to destroy her! Only Jeanne-Marie's brother, Northstar, can save her ... but will Jean-Paul be able to do what needs to be done?

Dork Note: Marvel - don't leave us hanging!

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