Tuesday, November 15, 2011

French Marvel Cover Artist: Jean Frisano

Dork Note: Here are a few Marvel Reprints published in France with covers done by the French artist, Jean Frisano.

Clipped from the above link: Jean Frisano saw himself as a humble craftsman. Accordingly, he never signed his art, thinking it should speak for itself. While the man shied away from promoting himself, his covers are immensely popular. Those images played a major part in the success of the super-hero genre in France and French-speaking countries.

Dork Note: I did not know these existed until a few days ago. I am now tracking down other French cover artists and will be posting their work in the near future



Hello,I have been collecting Jean Frisano art since about 2003. I got in contact with his son Thomas (who also did alot of the French covers with his father at first,then on his own) back then and picked up some stuff through him. I've got some of stuff posted here... http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryRoom.asp?GSub=6338

and some commission work I had Thomas do here...


Great stuff by the Frisano's! I look forward to see what else you post about these guys! thanks!!

The Dork said...

Comickings, thanks for the links!