Sunday, November 20, 2011

Amazing Heroes - The Ten Year Run

Clipped from Wikipedia: Amazing Heroes was a magazine about the comic book medium published by Fantagraphics Books from 1981 to 1992.

The magazine began as a monthly, then appeared twice a month for many years, and then went monthly again beginning in 1989. The magazine ran for 204 issues, folding with its July 1992 issue.

In February 1993, Fantagraphics announced that the publisher Personality Comics had bought the rights to Amazing Heroes, and planned to revive the magazine. However, nothing came of it as Personality itself folded in 1993.

Dork Note: I do not know who owns the rights to this material, but it would be amazing (pun intended) if all the articles were released on-line. Personally, I own about half of the 204 issue run and they are a great peek back in Comicdom time!

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Anonymous said...

I would assume Fantagraphics owns the articles from the original run.