Friday, June 10, 2011

The Aquacave

First Appearance of the Sea-Fortress or Aquaman's Lair: More Fun Comics #75 (January 1942)

First Appearance as the Aquacave: Aquaman Vol. 1 #10 (July-August 1963)

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HISTORY: An airtight underwater cave outside the city of Poseidonis that serves as Aquaman's hideaway and headquarters. During the time when Aquaman had a family life with Mera and Aquababy, it was his permanent home, guarded by Topo the Octopus. The Aquacave was destroyed for some time, but is now in use again as a refuge where Aquaman keeps various trophies and some memorabilia, as well as the Atlantis Chronicles.

Aquacave Map: Adventure Comics #445:

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Recently: Aquaman used the Aquacave to hide and protect Jackson Hyde's foster parents from Black Manta, Siren and the Xebel Soldiers.

Dork Note: I love this idea of waterbased technology for the Aquacave. I'd love for DC to give us a new cross section of this lair.

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Rob said...

The entrance is thru a giant clam? Seems kinda dirty...