Friday, November 1, 2013

Want It Got It TPB : Deadman mini-series

UPDATE: Coming Soon as a TPB at Amazon - 07/08/14Writer:Len Wein (DC Comics Presents) and Andrew Helfer (Deadman mini-series)
Artist: José Luis García-López
Publisher: DC Comics (1980 and 1986)
Includes: DC Comics Presents #24 and Deadman #1-4

This mini-series picks up, storywise, where Neal Adams left off from his original run in Strange Adventures; which was published in a Deadman Collection in 2001. There is a 17 year gap of stories ignored between the Collection and this mini-series.

This would be a nice edition to sit next to the Neal Adams both the DC Comics Presents and mini-series were drawn by José Luis García-López and you can't go wrong with his art. I'd buy it just for that fact alone.

Dork Note: This TPB does not include DC Comics Presents #24, but that issue is in a previous collected volume - Deadman Book Four due out 01/14/14.

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