Thursday, November 15, 2018

Rob's Room: My Moments With Stan by Brian Michael Bendis

My Moments With Stan by Brian Michael Bendis (via The New York Times)
In a tribute comic, Brian Michael Bendis reflects on the first time he met Stan Lee and how Mr. Lee inspired him in his two-decade career at Marvel Comics.
Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Drawn by Bill Walko, Colored by Howie Noel
A very fine tribute...

Rob's Room: Superman & Lois Lane

DORK RANT: If I had my druthers... 
Look, I don't hate the Superman costume from the Supergirl series (though I am not a fan of the red belt) and I accept that we're not going to get it in the features... I'd just prefer if they'd use this as an opportunity to stick more closely to the traditional suit.
Excuse my 15 minute Photoshop on the costume (it could use some color correction), but I think it conveys the changes I'd make were I the art director.  Hmm... the "S" curl in his hair might be too much, but it's playful.  
Feel free to add your 2 cents! :)

Rob's Room: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Posters

I'm not sure why, but I wasn't sold on this idea at first.  However, the more I saw, the more excited I've grown.  Looking forward to checking it out next month!

Whatever Happened To...Sargon?

Marvel Age Interview: John Byrne

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Rob's Room: Batman Gets Chummy in Issue #55

MINOR "FUN" SPOILER (if you are reading the current books): I was catching up on some Batman books and laughed at this moment... then realized it was an error and laughed more (partly because I'm such a dork I recognized it was a mistake...)!  Am curious if the other two "chum" quotes are recognized from other stories?
Nice try explaining it away Tom King! ;)

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