Friday, August 1, 2014

Rob's Room: Random Artwork by Sergio Quijada

Random artwork by Sergio Quijada

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rob's Room: Incredible Hulk Annual #5 Cover Recreation by Art Adams

Incredible Hulk Annual #5 cover recreation by Art Adams (via Marvel 1980s tumblr

Killer Moth's The Moth Cave

Clipped from Sebastien Alexandre Andrivet: Under Killer Moth's mansion was dug a secret underground lair much like the Batcave. In his “Mothcave”, he developed the gaudy masked identity of the Killer Moth, and top-notch equipment imitating that found in the Batcave. The crown jewel of his hoard was the Mothmobile, an impressive roadster matching his costume. The Killer Moth made himself known as a mercenary to the underworld ; just like the police would summon Batman with the Bat-Signal, he gave his clients special infra-red flashlights that could project the Moth-Signal on passing clouds. Equipped with special lenses in his strange helmet, Killer Moth would see the signal and swoop in to solve the problem facing his clients.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rob's Room: Best Comic-Con 2014 Costume!

Adam Savage of Mythbusters made an AMAZING costume for Comic-Con that allowed him to walk the floor incognito! Beautiful! (
Skip to 4:35 to watch him start walking the floor!

1986 Four Color Article by Mark Waid