Tuesday, April 25, 2017

DC Backup Story: Superman the In-Between Years

 from Superman #374

"Pete Ross' crowning Achievement!" a story written by Bob Rozakis, penciled by Kurt Schaffenberger, inked by Dave Hunt, colored by Tom Ziuko and lettered by John Costanza.

Rob's Room: Black Manta Blitz!

I always though Black Manta was cool.  Ironically, I know virtually nothing about this character other than what I watched on "Superfriends" as a child..

Wanted TPB: Seth Fisher's DC Bits and Pieces

Seth Fisher
DC Comics (2001-2005)
Green Lantern: Willworld, The Flash: Time Flies, Doom Patrol #13-14, and Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight #192-196

Dork Note: Green Lantern, Flash, and Batman are all collected into their separate TPBs, but it would be nice to have all his DC work collected in to one book. Check out his site.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Rob's Room: Big Damn Heroes of Firefly

Big Damn Heroes of Firefly (via wadewilsonpresident tumblr)
Still a Browncoat...