Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rob's Room: Spiderman's Black Costume Image Blitz, Part 2

Here it is... the final Spiderman Black Costume Image Blitz post (for the time being, anyhow).  Enjoy!
Most of the images were pulled from google searches and the following tumblr pages (go check 'em out!):  Comic Book Artwork tumblrEnter the Vault tumblrMarvel Comics of the 1980s tumblrState of the ARTwork tumblr and West Coast Avengers tumblr

Wanted TPB: Atari Force (The Second Team)

Writer: Gerry Conway
José Luis García-López and Ross Andru
DC Comics (1984)
Atari Force Volume 2 #1-13

Clipped from Wikipedia: The second team, formed approximately 25 years after the first, was also led by Martin Champion. He was convinced that the original team's nemesis, the Dark Destroyer, still existed. Although he was correct, most of the rest of humanity did not believe it, but humored him due to his heroic status in successfully leading the original Atari Force to find New Earth. Other team members included Christopher "Tempest" Champion, son of Martin Champion and Lydia Perez; Erin "Dart" Bia O'Rourke-Singh, daughter of Mohandas Singh and Li-San O'Rourke; Hukka; Morphea, an insectoid empath; Babe, an alien toddler of immense size and strength; and Pakrat, a humanoid rodent thief. Later additions to the team were Blackjak, Dart's human lover; Taz, a short alien warrior; and Kargg, the Dark Destroyer's former chief underling.

Dork Note: I remember liking this series when I originally collected it. It felt very Star Wars-like. The fact that it is almost an entire run (13 issue story arc) with José Luis García-López as the primary artist should be enough for this to warrant a collected TPB.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Truth Hurts

Rob's Room: AT-AT Day Afternoon by Patrick Boivin

AT-AT Day Afternoon by Patrick Boivin
I don't remember seeing this before... but it looks to have been around since 2010.

and here's the making of video...

Wanted TPB: The Time Trapper - Volume 1

Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Publisher: DC Comics (1986 and 1987)
Cosmic Boy #1-4, Legionnaires 3 #1-4, and Superman vol. 2,#8; Action Comics #591; and Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 3, #37-38

Clipped from Wikipedia:
In the 30th century, Cosmic Boy and his girlfriend Night Girl (of the Legion of Substitute Heroes) have returned from a journey to 20th century Earth, where they were attacked by the Time Trapper and found history altered such that Superman never had a teenage career as Superboy.
Time Trapper recalls how he created a "pocket universe", with its own Earth, its own Krypton and its own Kal-El. In this pocket universe, Kal-El became Superboy at the age of eight, and it is to this universe that the Trapper has directed the Legion whenever they have travelled through time.

Superboy explains to the Legionnaires that the Time Trapper protected Earth in his era from destruction during the Crisis, and promised to keep it safe in return for Superboy's cooperation in defeating the Legion.
When they find the Trapper, they engage him in battle, inadvertently smashing the machine that protected the pocket universe Earth from the effects of the Crisis. With the red skies and antimatter returning (and with Brainiac 5 unable to repair the machinery), Superboy replaces the damaged unit with his own body. The gambit works and the Earth is saved, but the Boy of Steel is gravely weakened.
With the Trapper having now made time travel perilously unsafe, Superboy flies the Legionnaires back to the 30th century, carrying the Time Bubble himself. Shortly after their arrival, Superboy dies in Mon-El's arms. The entire Legion mourns his passing, remembering him as "the greatest hero of them all."
Dork Note: All I can say is ...any storyline, which ends with Superboy dying should be collected!

Wanted TPB: The Time Trapper - Volume 2

Writer: John Byrne, Jerry Ordway and Paul Levitz
Artist: John Byrne, and Jerry Ordway(The Supergirl Saga) and Various (the Conspiracy)
DC Comics (1988)

Superman vol. 2,#21-22 and Adventures of Superman #444; and Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 3, #46-51

In the aftermath of The Time Trapper - Volume 1...

Clipped from Wikipedia: then Superman: Following Superboy's disappearance from the pocket universe Earth, the Lex Luthor of that world is tricked into releasing Kryptonian criminals General Zod, Quex-Ul and Zaora from the Phantom Zone. They proceed to lay waste to the planet, eventually killing its entire population.

Having been summoned from the regular universe by Luthor and Supergirl, Superman executes the genocidal killers using green kryptonite, and brings Supergirl (a protoplasmic duplicate of Lana Lang) with him back to his own Earth

. the Legion of Super-Heroes: While the entire Legion mourns Superboy's death, four members are particularly outraged: Saturn Girl (one of the three founders who invited Superboy to join), Brainiac 5 (who now realizes that all of his theories about time travel are incorrect), Mon-El (who regards Superboy as a brother), and Duo Damsel (who considers Superboy to be her first love, having once had an unrequited crush on him).

The four secretly enter into a conspiracy to attack and destroy the Time Trapper at the End of Time. With the assistance of Rond Vidar (who reveals himself to be the Green Lantern of Sector 2814), they barely succeed. However, another one of Duo Damsel's three bodies is killed, leaving her with only one.

Dork Note: This would be a great volume 2 to this death filled story arc.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rob's Room: Star Wars Zombified by Albert F. Montoya

Star Wars Zombified by Albert F. Montoya (via Entertainment Buddha)
Admiral Akbar says, "It's a snack!" Get it...?  Instead of "trap"... Hello...?  Is this thing on...? ;) C'mon... if you have a better quip or bad pun, post it in the comments!

Wanted TPB : Wonder Woman and Warrior Women!

Writer: Paul Levitz and Roy Thomas
Artist: Gene Colan
DC Comics (1982)

Wonder Woman #291-293

This 3 issue story arc is all about women warriors...hells yes! Check it out the roll call...
Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance)
Huntress (Helena Wayne)
Madame Xanadu
Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight)
Power Girl
Raven (Rachel Roth)
Starfire (Koriand'r)
Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)
Wonder Woman

Monday, April 21, 2014

Rob's Room: Star Trek, Enterprise E, Captain's Yacht

Star Trek, Enterprise E, Captain's Yacht (via Star Trek Ships tumblr)
I admit... this kind of video makes me nerd out!