Monday, July 24, 2017

Rob's Room: Bill Sienkiewicz' New Mutants Cornerbox Original Art

Bill Sienkiewicz' New Mutants Cornerbox Original Art
Per Bill Sienkiewicz, "these are the corner boxes on the covers of the New Mutants issues #18-27... back when covers HAD corner boxes. the boxes usually didn't change from month to month, but I specifically wanted a new image every month, to give a small clue as to what to expect inside."

Rob's Room: Superhero Profiles by Johnny Lighthands

Superhero Profiles by Johnny Lighthands

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Rob's Room: Comic-Con Released Posters

I lament that Comic-Con is no longer really about comics, but I do like seeing all the posters and trailers that come out of it...  I think the real winner for features looks to be "Thor: Ragnarok" with vibes of "Flash Gordon" to me (I want to see a Thor trailer edit with Queen music, dammit).  Looks like insane fun!
(Ok... the trailer looks better than I thought it would, but I still don't care for the Cyclops or Flash costumes.  Fingers crossed.) 

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