Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Want It Got It TPB: Wonder Woman & Justice Society of America

Coming Soon 08/06/19: Wonder Woman by John Byrne Vol. 3
Includes: Wonder Woman #125-136.

Writer and Artist: John Byrne
Publisher: DC Comics (1998)
Includes: Wonder Woman #130-133

This is what I found written about these issues,"John Byrne's run included a period in which Diana's mother Hippolyta served as Wonder Woman, having traveled back to the 1940s, while Diana ascended to Mount Olympus as the Goddess of Truth. Byrne posited that Hippolyta had actually been the Golden Age Wonder Woman. "

"John Byrne, in the Wonder Woman series, retconned in a bunch of extra stuff, including that she'd (Donna Troy) been created from clay as Wonder Woman's playmate, kidnapped by one of Hippolyta's enemies in WW's place, and subjected to repeated reincarnation in tragic lives. This was so complicated that shortly after, they killed her off."

"Now we've had an obnoxious thirteen year old as a new 'Wonder Girl,' had Byrne commit scores of heinous retcons, and gone through the abyssmal life, death, and ressurection of Diana. Now Hippolyta, whom everyone refers to as 'Polly'(ugh) is Wonder Woman. Byrne has compounded his crimes by doing a company wide retcon that sends Wonder Woman back to the Golden Age to join the Justice Society. Not only does this undo some important post-Crisis history, there seemed no point to it except to establish a Wonder Woman in the Golden Age. But, if he wanted to make that seamless, then he wouldn't have forgotten that when Diana first appeared as Wonder Woman, no one remembered the Golden Age version or connected the two together."

This 4 issue run on Wonder Woman NEEDS a TPB simply for the sake of how many people it pissed off.

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