Saturday, June 16, 2018

Rob's Room: Do we owe Rob Liefield an apology...?

We've either discovered Rob Liefield's body model and owe him an apology or Cap's been taking synthol... haha!


Monc said...

I once went to a fitness convention in Las Vegas, and the place with jam-packed with people built like Rob Liefeld art. Men with yard-wide shoulders and muscles upon muscles upon muscles... women with breasts the size of volleyballs and impossibly tiny waists... the LV Convention Center was full of them.

It turns out there ARE people who look like what Rob Liefeld draws.

But he's still a crap artist.

Grimm said...

Liefeld´s masterpiece!!
This guy of picture is a crazy brazilian.

Adam said...

"Do we owe Rob Liefeld an apology?"

No, of course not! What kind of silly question is that?!

j-swin said...

I’m with Adam. If anything we need to call more attention to his *ahem, “artistic style” so future generations know what not to do.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You evidence is what I like to call, 'thin'. On freak does not an artist make. We owe Liefeld nothing but a beating.

j-swin said...