Friday, May 18, 2018

Rob's Room: ThunderCats Roar!

Cartoon Network bringing back ThunderCats for new animated series!
I cannot wait for this!  Full disclosure: I've worked with Victor... not only is he funny, talented, and enthusiastic, but also a fine human being.  Do yourself a favor and watch his show!
Enjoy a few of his earlier shorts, "Get Em Tommy":
and his even shorter shorts...


Fat Basterd Inc. said...

Dude I understand wanting to support a friend but this new Thundercats just looks bloody horrible and is just another nail in the coffin of the Cartoon Network.

Rob said...

I understand it may not be everyone's cup of tea. I really enjoyed the 2011 Thundercats series (and loved the original series as a kid). Unfortunately, that prior version didn't gain traction so we didn't get a season 2. I'm glad they are giving these characters another shot (even if it's in a ...gasp... fun form).

Tony Nichols said...

I was a little too old for the original Thundercats... and enjoyed the short-lived 2011 version. This version make me nauseous. WHY acquire an IP, and then totally ignore the IP and what has given it legs for 30 years? If you want to make a Clarence/Steven Universe/Gumball mashup, fine, but why drag the good name of the Thundercats into it?

Here's why... “I think the world that they built lends itself really well to comedy because of how silly and crazy and outlandish those ideas are and some of those settings are,” quoted from producer Victor Courtright.

He doesn't, and never has, respected the fiction of the universe. He should not be allowed near it.