Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wanted TPB: Earth 2 Black Canary Funkyness

Writer: Various
Publisher: DC Comics 
Includes: Secret Origins vol. 2 #50, Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #3, Brave and Bold #61-#61, Justice League of America #73-74 and #219-220, and Adventure Comics #418-419

"Hum, what's a weird collection for a TPB", you ask yourself. The selection is not as weird as the story; which runs through these issues.

Published in 1990 & 1992: It starts with a retired Pre-Crisis Earth 2 Black Canary who is coaxed out of retirement by Earth 2's Green Lantern in Secret Origins #50. Who entail drags Starman out of retirement in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #3

OK, basic normal stuff.

Published in 1965 & 1995: In Brave and Bold #61-#62 Black Canary teams up with Starman to fight some villians. A team-up; which leads to an affair. An affair not revealed in those stories, but in Starman vol. 2 #21, forty years later (our time).

OK, a nice little bit of story telling; which connects the past and the present.  

Published in 1969: Then in Justice League of America #73-74, Black Canary's husband Larry Lance is killed attempting to protect her. Grief stricken she moves to Earth 1 and begins a relationship with Green Arrow 

OK, understandable. Her husband just died she wanted to get away and got herself a new boyfriend. 

Published in 1983: Finally, in Justice League of America #219-220 Black Canary's past is laid bare. We find out she and her husband had a daughter who was banished to Thunderbolt's (as in Johnny's Thunderbolt) dimension, because her sonic scream as a baby was uncontrollable. Where in suspended animation her body continued to mature even though her brain did not.

OK, that is just down right sad.

But Black Canary and her husband did not worry about their comatose daughter, because they believe she had died. All memories of the banishment were erased by Johnny's Thunderbolt.

OK, hum, that seems kind of fucked up and wrong.

It is also revealed Black Canary while traveling to Earth 1 discovered she was dying from radiation poisoning. With the help of Superman and Johny's Thunderbolt she transferes her consciousness/soul into her comatosed daughter's body and becomes her daughter. Black Canary then continues her life uninterrupted.

WAIT A MINUTE...WHAT THE FUCK! Now that is just messed up. You have a kid then steal their body. Damn, that some serious cold-hearted shit. Plus how the hell did Green Arrow not notice? Anyway, it didn't matter much, because months later Crisis happened and EVERYTHING was rewritten...problem solved.

AND THE ADDED BONUS FOR THE TPB: An Alex Toth backup story about Black Canary in Adventure Comics #418-419! This short story needs to be reprinted here and not in some expensive Archive volume like it is now!

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