Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wanted TPB: Next Man

Writer: Roger McKenzie
Artist: Vince Argondezzi
Publisher: Comico Comics (1985)
Includes: Next Man #1-5

Comico Comics shined as a new publisher in the mid-1980's with some very promising hits like Mage, Grendel, and the Elementals.

Next Man was not a "hit" for Comico but it was still a good book. Though the art was a bit raw it had a very Jack Kirby feel to it, which I would have liked to seen grow with the series. The book stopped/cancelled with a cliff hanger, which is always a bit sad for me. An unfinished story is like an itch you can't scratch. It would be nice if this book was reprinted and a "final" story was added to the TPB. But since I have no idea who owns this property (I have actually tried to find out) then my guess is that it will never happen. Perhaps one day when I win the lottery I will do it.


Anonymous said...

Came across your comments...

Next Man revival?

It's closer than you think, folks...

Anonymous said...

It was a good comic book... I read it at my grand fathers, and I was quite sad to hear that it was canceled.

comicaone/ said...

Now some good news, Next Man fans