Monday, May 1, 2017

Wanted TPB: Narcopolis

Writer: Jamie Delano
Artist: Jeremy Rock
Publisher: Avatar Press (2008)
Includes: Narcopolis #1-4

In an interview by Leroy Douresseaux (posted on Comic Book Bin) Jamie Delano had this to say about his series (edited by the Dork):

The setting for the series is Narcopolis, a "near-future," fortified, island city-state, which harbors a technologically advanced, complex but self-absorbed population.

(Everything between the first and last paragraphs have been removed by me.)

I'll leave it there. Too much advance exposition runs the risk of confusing rather than intriguing the potential reader. Basically, the story is fast-moving and fun, with contemporarily relevant subtexts embedded to add-value for an interested reader.

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