Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wanted TPB: Batman, Catwoman and Talia

Artist: Various
DC Comics (1980-1983)
Batman #323, 324, 330, 331, 332+Catwoman backup story, 333
+Robin & Catwoman backup story, 334, 335, and 355

This compilation of issues dives into the complex relationship between Batman and the two loves of his life...Catwoman and Talia.

Plus Robin gets all pissy and Catwoman returns with her cool purple dress costume; which I would vote as the best design for her. Well, the current one is a close second.

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Mr. Acer said...

Now THIS would be a funny Archie parody cover (specifically the famous Archie-Betty-Veronica all sipping from the same malt cover)--Bats as Archie, Catwoman and Talia as either Betty or Veronica, and Robin (or Alfred) in place of Jughead.