Friday, May 19, 2017

Unfinished Friday: Battle Chasers is being finished?!

Update: Joe Madueria’s Battle Chasers is coming back as a comic book and game.
Joe promises he will end the unfinished story before moving onto a series of three issue arcs, saying “I partially just want to update it. I think it’s going to get a visual overhaul too. My art style and storytelling style, everything’s sort of changed and evolved over the years.”

Below is my original post for the series not being finished.
Comic book series may not be completed for a variety of reasons...sales too low, the publisher ceases to be, personal conflict, or the creative team just gives up. For whatever reason...I just have to say I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK!!! I WANT TO SEE THE STORIES FINISHED!
This series actually had a lot of issues in before it fell unfinished...9 in total with a few variety covers. The series was launched in 1998 under the Wildstorm imprint Cliffhanger (how ironic) . The book was plagued with major delays with the longest being issue #7; taking 16 months to come out after issue #6. Issue #9 came out in 2001 and was left were not happy and Joe Madureira was tagged with the stigma/curse of "late or never". He said in 2005..."one of those things that I think about every once in a while, and not having finished it bums me out… I would love to do it at some point, but it would be very far out."

Back in 2010 a Battle Chasers Anthology HC was released which I wrote about...SERIOUSLY! What are you thinking Joe Madureira?

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