Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wanted TPB: Vigilante's Solo Adventures

Writer: Cary Bates and Bill Kunkel
Artist: Mike Sekowsky and Gray Morrow
Publisher: DC Comics (1972-77)
Includes: Adventure Comics #417, 422, 426, 427 and DC World's Finest #244-248

Dork Note: Check out these pages below! This is why I want a TPB of the Vigilante's solo adventure!

Dork Note: The below has nothing to do with the Vigilante's (Greg Saunders) solo adventures listed above, but it's one of those times in comicdom where a fan goes, "WHAT THE...?"

Clipped from Cosmic Teams: Four years into his career, Saunders fell prey to a werewolf. He guarded this secret well and always kept a silver bullet in his pistol — for himself. Greg stayed active in the Southwest. He knew that there were certain dangers still lurking in his domain, but he'd grown too old to handle them himself. He decided to try to form a new Seven Soldiers by placing an ad calling for heroes. He succeeded in recruiting only 5 others to join him (The Whip II, Boy Blue, Dyno-Mite Dan, Gimmix and "I, Spyder"). This team was very short-lived. All these heroes, including the Vigilante perished after defeating the Miracle Mesa Monster. After his death, his lycanthropic curse may have enabled him to "haunt" the living world.

Clipped from Wikipedia: He attempts to recruit a new team of seven to further battle the threat of the Sheeda. He claims Bulleteer's actions will allow him to 'rest'. In Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen Greg Saunders appears, alive, as the sheriff of Warpath, a town on the Mexican border formerly known for supervillain activity. Olsen's narration notes that Saunders has been dead and came back to life, but does not go into detail. Olsen also notes that Saunders appears younger, though he clearly retains all of his past experience.

Dork Note: All of the above stuff was done to the Vigilante by Grant Morrison. I love Morrison's stuff, most of the time, but sometimes he just takes a left turn into the land of...WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON! Morrison's Seven Soldiers was one of those times and he dragged the Vigilante down the rabbit hole with him unfortunately.

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Morrison. It's always that hack. He ruins everything good. Damian, Vigilante, Batman, Life...