Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wanted TPB: The Omega Men Pre-Series '83 Collection.

Artist: Various
DC Comics (1981-1983)
Green Lantern #141-143, 160, and 161, Action Comics #535 and 536, The New Teen Titans #24,25, and Annual #1 , and DC Presents #89

The Omega Men were a team banded together for a common good but internal strife and personal agendas seemed to dominate the team dynamic.

I think when the Omega Men were first introduced then later fleshed out more in the Teen Titans this team could have become a DC type X-Men book. However, once the series came out that "quality" seemed to fall to the side, but before that happened these issues gave a hint of what could be for this rogue alien band.

I didn't include it in the original above listing, but I would also add the Who's Who pages of the Omega Men to this compilation as a nice added bonus.

Dork Note: DC was going to do this TPB then CANCELED IT! Super-Pissed that they did!

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