Monday, April 10, 2017

Wanted TPB: The New Doom Patrol Pre-Series '87

Artist: Various
DC Comics (1977-1987)
Showcase #94-96, The Superman Family #191-193, DC Comics Presents #52, Supergirl #8-10 and
Secret Origins Annual #1

I thought it would be cool if DC released a TPB of the old "New" Doom Patrol and the various places in the DC-verse they appeared BEFORE landing their 1987 series.

Fun Fact (clipped from Wikipedia): Eclipse Comics also printed a two-issue index (with covers drawn by John Byrne) to the Doom Patrol in 1984, which included all of their appearances from their first to their final appearance before their early 1980s return.Dork Fact: The Doom Patrol series in 1987 was the only book I ever submitted an idea for the letters page's name. I can't remember what I submitted but I know it was cool and that they were lame for not picking it!


celsius said...


Love your idea. Lets do it.
I think you missed the whos whos entries too.
I love them to include
Celsius, Robotman, Negative Woman, Tempest,
The Cossack, General Immortus, & other villains.
clean up the art. make Celsius ethnic and not white like initially and get Steve Lightle to draw the cover!!!

The Dork said...

I gave up DC doing this so now I'm doing it myself:) I've got all the issues and are in the process of having them bound.