Monday, April 17, 2017

Wanted TPB: John Byrne's O.M.A.C

Writer: John Byrne and Len Wein for the DC Presents.
Artist: John Byrne and George Pérez for the DC Presents.
Publisher: DC Comics(1983 and 1991)
Includes: DC Presents #61, OMAC-One Man Army Corps #1-4

This was a great 4 issue series from John Byrne based on a Jack Kirby creation. Byrne both wrote and drew this series, which really dove into the O.M.A.C mythos. This four issue truly covered the lifespan of the character and did so in a very interesting way.

It would be nice if they did reprint this series then colored it as an added incentive to buy the TPB. For some reason the original series was black and white.

Also it would be cool if they threw in the George Perez DC Presents, because hell it's George Perez and it would be cool to have this story in a TPB.

Fun Fact (clipped from Wikipedia): In Kingdom Come, Alex Ross created a female version of OMAC named OWAC, (One-Woman Army Corps).

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