Monday, April 24, 2017

Wanted TPB: JLA, The Secret Society of Super-Heroes

Writer: Howard Chaykin and David Tschman
Artist: Mike McKone
Publisher: DC Comics (September 2000)
Includes: JLA, The Secret Society of Super-Heroes Issues #1-2

I would like to see these two issues compiled into a trade paperback with perhaps an extra story or two and some bonus material. This two book series should have been done over several issues. It could have easily been a 4 to 6 issue mini-series.

The premise is there are Super-Heroes (Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman etc.) that fight crime and keep the world a safe place, BUT they do it outside the public eye. The heroes keep themselves invisible through modified Amazonian tech from Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane.

The story follows Bruce Wayne, an FBI profiler, and Lois Lane, a tabloid reporter, who are investigating the disappearance of hundreds of criminals. During the investigation their paths cross with the Secret Society of Super-Heroes learning about the groups existence and their involvement with the missing "villains".

Mike McKone's art is fantastic in this mini-series and deserves to be fleshed out in a large series.

My hope with all the multi-verse action going on in the DC Universe that Howard Chaykin and Mike McKone are allowed to and interested in revisiting this world.

These two issues can be rather hard to find on Ebay at a decent price, so good hunting.

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Tony Nichols said...

Howard Chaykin was really on fire in the early 2000's. He wrote the best of the mountain of Elseworlds graphic novels. It was nice to see him distracted from fishnets and garters for a few years.