Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wanted TPB : Aquaman Mini-Series

Writer: Robert Loren Fleming and Keith Ian Giffen
Artist: Curt Douglas Swan
Publisher: DC Comics (1989)
Includes: Aquaman #1-5 and The Legend of Aquaman
I love Curt Swan!

The tidbits
Robert Loren Fleming and Keith Ian Giffen added to Aquaman's mythos in this mini were fantastic!

Have you ever wondered why Aquaman wears that orange and green suit? Well, wonder no longer, because it's all there. Here is a hint...he's representing!

It is a crying shame this has NOT been collected into a TPB yet. DC you better recognize!

Fun Fact: In this mini-series there is an essay by Mark Waid covering the origin of Aquaman from 1941. It also reprints the first appearance of Aquaman from More Fun #73.

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