Saturday, April 15, 2017

DC Backup Story: Batman and Robin

from Batman #327

Synopsis for "Express to Nowhere": Bruce Wayne meets Dick Grayson, home for a college break, at Gotham's train depot, and both are offered a drink or two by John Taggart, vice-president of Taggart Train Lines, which is suffering from the economic recession. Bruce declines, seeing two crooks, "Shark" Armstrong and "Frankie" Franconi, boarding another train. He and Dick become Batman and Robin, hitching a ride on the train. They note the train is pulling out a half-hour early, which is unlikely, since the trains are routed by computer. Batman tells Robin the computer must have been tampered with. The thugs are in search of Joe "the Canary" Carson, a stool pigeon scheduled to testify before a Gotham grand jury on the next day. Batman and Robin rescue Carson and defeat the hoods, and Batman manages to slow the train to a stop by puncturing its fuel tank. They later confront John Taggart at Gotham Depot, accuse him of selling out to hoods who wanted Carson silenced and of tampering with the computer himself, and capture him as well.

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