Saturday, March 11, 2017

Wanted TPB: UltraForce Pre-Marvel

Writer: Gerard Jones
Artist: George Pérez
Publisher: Malibu Comics (1994) 
Includes: UltraForce #0-6 

History: The Ultraforce is a fictional superhero group that appears in comic books published by Malibu, and later Marvel, as well as an animated series produced by DIC. Their purpose was to protect the public and keep other Ultras from getting out of line. The membership consisted of various "ultras" (superheroes) in Malibu's Ultraverse, including the super-strong Prime; Topaz, warrior queen of Gwendor; Prototype, Ultra-Tech's armored spokesperson; the undead Ghoul, the last surviving member of the Exiles; Hardcase, one of the first public Ultras; and the mysterious Contrary, who organized the team and provided their technology.

Fun Fact: There was a short lived Ultraforce cartoon based on the first version of Ultraforce produced by DIC Entertainment that aired for 13 episodes. There was also an Ultraforce action figure line produced by Galoob.

Dork Note: I remember the comic, but barely recall the toy-line or the cartoon; which says it all. BUT it is George Pérez so come on Marvel!

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Mr. Acer said...

Marvel needs to settle those creative issues, because getting anything of Malibu on store shelves would be quite the surprise.