Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Want It Got It TPB: Tempest

Coming Soon 06/26/18: Aquaman - Tempest
Collects: Tempest #1-4, Teen Titans Spotlight #10 and #18, and SHOWCASE '96 #1

Writer: Phil Jimenez
Artist: Phil Jimenez
Publisher: DC Comics (1996)
Includes: Tempest #1-4

With Tempest (aka Aqualad-a name I like WAY BETTER then Tempest) playing a major role in Blackest Night, you'd think DC would cash in and put this mini into TPB. But nooooo and it doesn't look like they will any time soon.

Andy Oliver of Broken Frontier writes of the mini-series: Slizzath first appeared in Tempest #1 (Nov 1996) . Slizzath is actually Tempest’s uncle, part of the Atlantean exile group known as the Idylists. In that miniseries he attempted to drain away Garth’s magical powers, as he does here, and was responsible for an undead duplicate of the former Aqualad’s lost love Aquagirl (who died in Crisis On Infinite Earths). As a necromancer his desire to die and ally himself with the Black Lanterns during the Blackest Night makes perfect sense.

A Fact about Phil Jimenez and the Tempest mini-series posted on Queersupe: His first open relationship was with his first editor and mentor at DC, Neal Pozner, who was HIV-positive when they started dating, and was hesitant about dating someone younger and HIV-negative. Jimenez became Pozner’s caretaker until his death in 1994 and in the last issue of the Tempest miniseries, Jimenez dedicated the miniseries to Pozner, and wrote an editorial page in which he came out publicly for the first time. “It got over 150 letters,” he says, “including the classic letter from the kid in Iowa: ‘I didn’t know there was anyone else like me.’ Coworkers at DC were surprised to hear Jimenez referred to as Pozner’s partner at his memorial as their relationship wasn’t public knowledge.

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