Friday, March 17, 2017

Wanted TPB: Shazam by Don Newton

Writer: E. Nelson Bridwell
Artist: Don Newton
Publisher: DC Comics (1978-1980)
Includes: Shazam! #35, World's Finest #253-270, 272-281, and Adventure Comics #491 and 492

This was a cool three year run of Shazam! that started in one title, ran through another title and eventually ended in a third title. Don Newton took more of a "realistic" approach to the Big Red Cheese and really carved out a look for this character and his universe.

Don Newton,
"If you like bombshells, here's one: I am going to be taking over.............Captain Marvel! More over, Jack Harris sez to draw it realistic! Finally they bring him up to date... I'm going to get rid of his 'wet look' and trim him down about 10 lbs.! I've felt for sometime, that the 'funny'Captain Marvel belonged to the forties and just doesn't come off now. I trust the stories will now be in keeping with the art. So, I've 'arrived'... where else can I go?"


Max McConnell said...

I recently reread the whole Newton run. It's so great. I can't believe it's never been reprinted. Thanks for featuring one of my favourite chapters! Small note: you forgot World's Finest # 264 (the Monster Society Strikes Back) and # 265 (the Plot Against the Human Race).

The Dork said...

Thanks! Updated!