Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wanted TPB: Dale Keown's Dragon Force

Writer:Dale Keown
Artist: Dale Keown
Aircel Comics (1988-1989)
Dragon Ring #11-15 and
Dragon Force #1-12

It's always interesting to see how an artist evolves over time. This early series written and drawn by Dale Keown would be a great flash back to a time before his run on the Hulk; which put his name on the map.

Clipped from The Oswald Chronicles and written by JD Calderon:

Dale Keown started on issue 10 of the Dragon Ring series which ended at issue 15 and then led into the new Dragon Force series. I first caught on to this series with Dragon Force which was in full color, and I have to say that it’s some great looking stuff, and everyone has to remember that this was years before computer coloring, so it was all done with either markers, water colors, or air brush and possibly acrylics. The stories in this series are okay but the real reason I picked this up is because of the artwork and it’s great to see this version of Dale Keown (when he was a John Byrne clone) as opposed to seeing his ultra buff style that he has now. If you want a peak into an artist’s progression as a talented beginner you may want to check these out and at .50 cents each you can’t go wrong, if you can find them.

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