Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wanted TPB: Breach

Writer: Bob Harras
Marcos Martin
DC Comics (2005)
Breach #1-11 and Infinite Crisis #7

This comic book series was originally supposed to be a Captain Atom reboot, until DC decided against it and the concept idea was slightly retooled and launched as a new creation, Breach.

Bob Harras takes the "Captain Atom" idea and wraps it in a surreal environment with Marcos Martin's simple artistic style strengthening this vision. Marcos' style is very reminiscent of Steve Ditko, who was instrumental in creating many of the Charlton Comics characters. Charlton Comic's Captain Atom, though not created by Ditko, was drawn by him on several occasions. DC later bought all of the Charlton Comics library of superheroes.

I wish this series could have played out to a nice macro-series size 12 issues, but even so...I'd still like to see this as a TPB. Perhaps if they ever do release this as a TPB they will include Breach's death that was seen in the Inifinite Crisis series at the hands of Superboy-Prime.

Fun Fact about Breach: If the Multiverse had survived up to the present, Zanetti would have been a native of Earth-8 as its version of Captain Atom.

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