Friday, March 10, 2017

Unfinished Fridays: Worldwatch

Dork Note: Comic book series may not be completed for a variety of reasons...sales too low, the publisher ceases to be, personal conflict, or the creative team just gives up. For whatever reason...I just have to say I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK!!! I WANT TO SEE THE STORIES FINISHED!
Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Tom Derenick
Publisher: Wild and Wooly Press (2004)
Includes: Worldwatch #1-4 (4 was never printed)

OK, most of the time I'm not into comics that have a heavy sexual theme to them. I figure if you want to see porn or nudie pictures there are better ways to see them than in a comic. BUT I picked up this book and was surprised it was so good.

Not because it was sexual but because it was overtly over the top and I mean way over the top, but still grounded in a good story. It made fun of this "type" of comic in the best way possible by pushing it to the extreme.

I was rather disappointed when the series was never finished, but I'd still like to see Chuck and Tom wrap it up with a TPB and put out under Chuck's publishing house Wild & Wooly Press.

Fun Fact (clipped from Wikipedia): The last page of Worldwatch #2 featured an announcement from the publisher stating that, as a result of widespread fan disappointment with the writing, Austen had been fired, and that he would be replaced by notable writer Sam Clemens (the real name of legendary American writer Mark Twain). Since, as creator and owner, Austen cannot be fired from Worldwatch, and since Austen has publicly claimed that his work is only disliked by a few vocal malcontents, this was widely perceived as being a failed hoax with the goal of showing that fans would accept the writing if only they did not recognize the writer's true identity. In a subsequent interview, Austen stated that it was intended not as a hoax, but as a joke, and that he was disappointed that most readers had not understood the joke.

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