Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cool Video: Rock & Rule 1983

Info: Progressive and daring for its time, Nelvana's "Rock & Rule" was the first English-speaking animated feature film ever made entirely in Canada. It features adult themes, and a stellar rock 'n' roll soundtrack including Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, Cheap Trick, and Earth Wind & Fire. Unfortunately, the production faced an enormous amount of hurdles and due in part to a lack of marketing and distribution, it was a box-office flop. Now, over 30 years later, "Rock & Rule" enjoys a cult status on par with "Heavy Metal."

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Tony Nichols said...

I had the Marvel Super Special adapted from this movie... full glossy color, created from stills from the animation. I was fascinated by the slightly adultish nature of it, and the Nelvana art style. Definitely a weird one.