Thursday, February 23, 2017

Unproduced Toyline for Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four World's Greatest Heroes - This toyline would have consisted of two waves based on the 2006 animated series by the same name. Series 1 was to include the Human Torch with flame-on punching action, the "Duel Action" Thing, "Power" Dr. Doom and Shape Shifting Skrull. Series 2 would have included Reed Richards Mr. Fantastic, a second, "flame-one" version of the Human Torch, the incredible Hulk, one of Dr. Doom's Doombots, Susan Storm the Invisible Woman and the Mole Man. Each figure was to include a BAF piece of Giganto!


CRPechonick said...

Those look awesome! So sad they were not released. I would have loved to have added one of those Hulks to my Hulk Collection!

lalo macias said...

i will have liked to have that hulk toy