Friday, February 17, 2017

Unfinished Fridays: The Lost

Unfinished Fridays: Comic book series may not be completed for a variety of reasons...sales too low, the publisher ceases to be, personal conflict, or the creative team just gives up. For whatever reason...I just have to say I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK!!! I WANT TO SEE THE STORIES FINISHED!
THE LOST, written by Marc Andreyko and drawn by Galen Showman.

The Lost is a black and white comic book mini-series that continues the original story of Peter Pan in the present day, as a darkly humorous modern horror story. It was scripted by Marc Andreyko, from a story by him, Jay Geldhof, Galen Showman, and Mark Ricketts. It was illustrated by Showman, Geldhof, and Ricketts, with covers by Geldhof.

In this story, Peter meets a new girl named Wendy in a train station, and entices her to come away with him. His eternal youth comes from being a vampire, and so are the Lost Boys, including Michael Darling. Far from innocent – Peter has an active, kinky sex life – they use their apparent youth as a lure for men interested in sex with boys their age, whom they then feed on. Peter poses as a underage hustler.

The first two issues were mainly penciled by Showman and inked by Geldhof, with Ricketts drawing a flashback scene in each. They were published by Caliber Comics. The creators then took the series to Chaos! Comics, where it launched a new imprint called "Breakthrough Entertainment", intended for more mature, literary material than Chaos' main line of adolescent-focused comics. Chaos reprinted the first two issues with new covers, and a third issue drawn by just Ricketts and Geldhof, with assistance from Showman and P. Craig Russell. Unhapy with the "patchwork" art of the third issue, Geldhof began illustrating the fourth by himself, but became frustrated by the project, and finished only a handful of pages and the cover art. 

Dork Note: This series first appeared in 1996 under the Caliber Comics publishing banner. It was originally intended to be a four issue mini-series. I REALLY liked this idea of a warped Peter Pan, that is a vampire and keeps kids young by turning them. After only two issues it stopped, however, it resurfaced and relaunched under the Chaos! Comics in 1997. I actually was stoked that I would be able to see how this story played out. I even re-bought the reprinted first two issues when they came out. Then I bought the third issue and waited and waited...then realized there wasn't going to be a fourth close yet so far away. 

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The Never Fairy said...

I know someone with copies of this comic as well. :D

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