Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DELETED TPB: George Perez's Sirens

Dork Note: George Perez falls into my "Always Buy" category so I was excited to see this listed then sadden when it was...DELETED! Hopefully, it will be resolicted at a later date - fingers crossed!

Synopsis: As an intergalactic force enslaves planets across the galaxy, the legendary team known only as the Sirens must reunite to save the galaxy--but is that even possible when the Sirens themselves don't even remember who they are? And the rest of the universe only remembers them as...villains? Collecting the entire 6-issue series, written and drawn by the master himself, George Perez (Wonder Woman, JLA Vs. Avengers) destroys the universe in order to save it.

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Mr. Acer said...

The single issues do take a bit longer....