Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wanted TPB: X-Factor Omnibus Volumes 1 & 2

Writer: Various
Marvel Comics (1986-88)
Printing Order:
Marvel Age #33 (article about the upcoming series), Classic X-Men #43 (back up story about Phoenix force meeting Death), Classic X-Men #8 (back up story about Jean Grey being cocooned by the Phoenix force), Avengers #263, Fantastic Four #286, X-Factor #1-7, Annual #1, Iron Man Annual #8, X-Factor #8-9, The Uncanny X-Men #210-211, X-Factor #10, The New Mutants #46, The Mighty Thor #373, Power Pack #27, The Uncanny X-Men #212, The Mighty Thor #374, X-Factor #11-34, and Giant Size Annual X-Factor #2.

Clipped from Jim Smash: Ok, seriously Marvel - What the Fuck? You still haven't' released an X-FACTOR OMNIBUS! Sure, you gave us those nice Essentials (thank you), but they're in black-and-white. I just need ONE big volume of the Simonsons' run; X-FACTOR VOL 1 #1-34. That's it. You can stop after #34 - that would complete the first big ARCHANGEL Chapter. Gimmie gimmie gimmie!

Dork Note: I couldn't agree more! I know this would actually have to be split between two Omnibuses to include all the additional material (Mutant Massacre etc.) outside of X-Factor, but in the great words of Gob, "COME ON!"  - Download High Res X-Factor Image

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