Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wanted TPB: Justice Society of America, Gone & Back Again

Writer: Len Strazewski
Artist: Mike Parobeck
DC Comics (1992)

Includes: Justice Society of America #1-10

This series was about a bunch of old retired dudes still fighting the good fight. I loved the fact this series didn't try to be "hip" but just was what it was. Plus Mike Parobeck artwork in this series...ROCKED!

Clipped from Wikipedia: In 1992, the JSA was given an ongoing monthly series titled Justice Society of America, written by Len Strazewski with art by Mike Parobeck, featuring the original team adjusting to life after returning from Ragnarok. Though Justice Society of America was intended as an ongoing series, and was popular with readers, it was cancelled after only eight issues. Writer Len Strazewski, in an interview explaining the cancellation of this surprise hit series, said, "It was a capricious decision made personally by Mike Carlin because he didn't like Mike's artwork or my writing and believed that senior citizen super-heroes was not what DC should be publishing. He made his opinion clear to me several times after the cancellation."Much more "cartoony" than the more realistic artwork favored at the time, Parobeck's art was a pioneering example of the "animation" style that would become quite popular with Batman: The Animated Series. Justice Society of America included the first appearance of Jesse Quick, the daughter of All-Star Squadron members Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick.

Dork Note: At one time Amazon listed this as a TPB coming soon from DC, but then it was cancelled! DC why do you insist on making me sad! SUPER SAD!

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Hence why I never liked Mike Carlin.