Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wanted TPB: DC Comics Presents Warworld Story Arc

Writer: Len Wein, Jim Starlin and Alan Moore
Artist: Jim Starlin and Dave Gibbons
DC Comics (1980-1984)
DC Presents #27-29, 36, 43 and Superman Annual #11

The Warworld story arc was both cosmic and metaphysical. It introduced both Mongul, who went on to be a major character in the DC universe and the Warworld (think Deathstar but with a lot more weapons then just one big gun).It also introduced me as a reader to DC's (Jack Kirby's) concept of the Source and the Source Wall; which are basically DC's "God" and DC's "Edge of the Known Universe."

Also, I think, reading this book was the first time I ever really thought, "What the hell is at the edge of the universe?" And when a comic book can get a kid to ask that question...that's money well spent.

It would also be great to have this as a TPB because this was back in the day when Superman was soooo powerful that he could actually fly to the edge of known space and let me tell you, that's powerful.

I know that three issues might be a little shy of a TPB so I would like to humbly suggest adding the two other DC Presents that feature Mongul and Alan Moore's Superman Annual #11.

UPDATE Dork Note: DC did release a Mongul centric TPB that include all the above issues EXCEPT #29; which in my book is a total FAIL! Hopefully, sometime in the near future they will re-release the TPB with the missing issue.


Anonymous said...

Man, I would love this, done right in a Deluxe HC.

I'd also include Starlin's other DC Comics Presents issues: #26 (Green Lantern) and #37 (Hawkgirl).

Man, that'd be sweet.

Your pal in Milwaukee,

The Dork said...