Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wanted TPB: Boneyard by Richard Moore Omnibus

Omnibus Why (besides the obvious): The Volume 1 was an Oversize (Black & White). Volumes 2 thru 7 were Regular Size (Black & White). So the Black & White volumes were not consistent. Then...

...colored versions of Boneyard were released as TPB and the sizes were consistent, BUT only 4 Volumes of the 7 were ever released - URGH!

For a Dork like me - stuff like this - is PAINFUL!

The Boneyard Omnibus Should Contain: All #28 issued in Black and White and the Swimsuit Special. Should they ever finish the coloring of the series then they could release a colored Boneyard Omnibus as well. 

Dork Note: As the years have passed and I have had to become more and more selective in what I buy on my weekly pilgrimage - Boneyard was an "ALWAYS BUY". I was sad to see it cease publication. 

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Anonymous said...

I too am looking for this much-fabled omnibus...