Saturday, January 14, 2017

Unproduced Micronauts Cartoon by Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson, "Here’s the Micronauts pitch that ALMOST made it to TV. But then Hasbro bought the rights and basically killed the show. It was gonna be sooooo sweet. The story was great, and it would have been a childhood dream come true. Oh well. The best part about the Micronauts animation was we were gonna get Mike Golden on board to do some designs. Oh well."

via Comic Alliance: The Micronauts were a toyline created by Japanese company Takara in 1974. They made their way to the United States a few years later, courtesy of the Mego corporation. As for the comic, that came about when writer Mantlo saw his son playing with the toys one Christmas morning, and was almost instantly inspired to create a comic based on their adventures. He pitched the idea to then Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter, and the publisher acquired the rights for the comics license for the figures. The illustrious Michael Golden was brought on as the artist, and the rest is history.

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