Tuesday, January 24, 2017

DELETED TPB: The Immortal Doctor Fate

Update: This TPB was suppose to have come out. There was even a listing on Amazon (see below) then it was CANCELED! Why DC WHY?!

UPDATE: Coming Soon as a TPB at Amazon - 12/15/15 - The Immortal Doctor Fate: inlcludes Collects 1ST ISSUE SPECIAL #9, stories from THE FLASH #306-313, THE IMMORTAL DOCTOR FATE #1-3, DR. FATE #1-4 and DC CHALLENGE #11
Writer: Various & John Marc 'J.M.' DeMatteis
Artist: Various & Keith Ian Giffen 
Publisher: DC Comics (1985 & 1987)
The Immortal Doctor Fate #1-3 & Dr. Fate #1-4

Clipped from Wikipedia:
In the early 1980s, Roy Thomas incorporated this into his All-Star Squadron series, set in late 1941, as an explanation of the changes in the character's helmet and powers. (In a caption box on the final panel of All-Star Squadron #28's main story (Dec. 1983), Thomas indicated an explanation of how and why Nelson returned to the full helmet and possession by Nabu when the JSA reactivated in the 1960s was forthcoming, but it was never published). This led to Kent and Inza, combining into one Doctor Fate, featuring in a series of back-up stories running from The Flash #305 (Feb. 1982) to #313 (Sept. 1982). Cary Bates wrote the initial story, with Pasko taking over as writer in issue #306, aided by Steve Gerber from #310 to #313. In 1985 DC collected these back-up stories, as well as a 1978 retelling of Dr. Fate's origin by Paul Levitz, Joe Staton & Michael Netzer (Nasser) originally published in Secret Origins of Super-Heroes (DC Special Series #10, 1978, in the indicia), the aforementioned Pasko/Simonson story from 1st Issue Special #9, and a 1940s Doctor Fate tale from More Fun #56, in a three-issue limited series titled The Immortal Doctor Fate.
Dr. Fate mini-series: Occurs after Crisis on Infinite Earths and revitalizes the Dr Fate character by passing the torch from Kent Nelson to Eric/Linda Strauss as the new Dr Fate. A new ongoing Dr Fate series was later published starring this new composite Dr Fate character.

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