Thursday, June 14, 2018

Wanted TPB: X-Factor's Judgement Day

Writer: Louise Simonson
Artist: Paul Smith and Richard F. Buckler
Marvel Comics (1989)
X-Factor #43-50

Clipped from Comic Vine: Judgment War is an epic eight-part saga that ran through the pages of X-Factor during The Acts of Vengeance crossover and sees the intrepid Mutant heroes caught in the middle of an alien Civil War while searching for Professor Xavier in space. But things begin to escalate out of control as Scott and Jean's son Nathan is kidnapped, the Dark Phoenix and the Goblin Queen begin fighting each other for dominance over Jean Grey's body and The Fifth Celestial Host prepares to destroy the planet X-Factor has found.


j-swin said...

Love Paul Smith's X-Men/Factor art, just so clean. When I think X-Men I think Clermont and Smith.

The Dork said...

His run on the X-Men is still at the top of my list!