Friday, December 23, 2016

Wanted TPB: Powergirl

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Artist: Rick Hoberg

Publisher: DC Comics (June 1988)
Includes: Power Girl Issues #1-4

I have not read this mini-series so why the hell would I want it in a trade? Because...I have not read this mini-series. I don't want to track down and buy the single issues. I just want to buy the trade. If the story is good, then I'll deal with Ebay.

Beyond that...with the "reintroduction" of her original origin in JSA: Classified issues #1-4; which corrects all the crap that came after Crisis, Power Girl has come into her own and is getting her own series written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti and drawn by Amanda Conner, who also drew the JSA: Classified issues.

If you have read the mini-series and have an it.


Matt Celis said...

The art is pretty good. The story is mediocre at best, but trying to change her back story into convoluted Atlantean stuff would be hard to do well. I have all four issues. Good cover on the first issue would be a nice poster. Pretty blah series. But nice they weren't pushing the boob window costume and making her personality "I have the biggest breasts in DC comics, here me roar."

The Dork said...

Thanks for the review!