Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Want It Got It TPB: Mutant X

Coming Soon 11/06/18: Mutant X The Complete Collection Vol. 1
Includes: MUTANT X 1-17, ANNUAL 1999 
Dork Note: Hopefully, Marvel will do a Volume 2 so the whole series is covered.

Writer: Howard Mackie
Artist: Various
Marvel Comics (1998-2001)

X-Factor #149, Mutant X #1-
32 and Annual 1999, 2000, and 2001

Havok ends up in a parallel universe. A universe where many lives have taken a strange and twisted path. Check out the character descriptions below of Havok's teammates, The Six, and tell me you don't want to read more about this world.

Clipped from Wikipedia:
Bloodstorm (Storm) : In this reality, Storm wasn't able to be saved from the bite of Dracula and instead was transformed into a vampire. Aside from her control over the weather, she also is able to transform into a mist, summon, control and transform into vermin and other animals such as wolves, and drain blood through her fangs. In defiance of her darker nature, Bloodstorm employs Forge and Kitty Pryde as food sources so she doesn't have to kill.

Brute (Beast): In this reality, Hank McCoy's experimentation went too far. Instead of his furry simian form he has transformed into a green furred and scaled amphibious creature. To add insult to injury, his intellect degenerated to the equivalent of a small child's. He also made a faulty deal with demons, which resulted in his legs being replaced with goat hooves.

Fallen (Angel) : Apocalypse's experimentation resulted in a more organic look for Warren. Instead of the metal wings and blue skin, he was given bat wings, deathly pale skin and the ability to breathe fire.

Ice-Man: Left without a device to suppress his powers after the tampering of the Asgardian deity Loki, Bob Drake was left trapped in his ice form without the ability to touch another living thing. Because of this, he has become distant, and his stalwart humor has turned to cynicism. He also sees himself as partially responsible for the Brute's mental regression and tries his best to look out for his friend.

Marvel Woman: The clone of the deceased Jean Grey, Madelyne found happiness in the arms of Havok, even having a son with him that they named Scotty. According to a S.H.I.E.L.D. file, Madelyne made a deal with the demons of Inferno to unlock her telekinetic potential. She framed Brute for the deaths of Green Goblin and a clone of Spider-Man. She later attacked the city possessing the Beyonder's body.
Fun Fact: This universe, the above characters, even had a toy line from Toy Biz. Yeah, I know CRAZY!


Kal said...

This one reminded me of EXILES which was a fun look at a twisted parallel universe. Nice to see Havok get some time as a star. I have several of these figures.

Hobgoblin238 said...

I wanted that figure line as well.

tasan215 said...

Long overdue for not only a complete collection, but an omnibus as well.