Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wanted TPB: Deal with the Devil

Writer: Mike S. Miller
Artist: Sherwin Gerald Schwartzrock
Alias Enterprises (2005)
Deal With The Devil #1-5

Clipped from and posted by Dominic in 2008:

(Dork updates are in BOLD)

Lionsgate appears to be headed into a comic book buying binge. They’re already producing Will Eisner’s classic comic strip hero the Spirit as a feature, opening for Christmas (update: the movie BOMBED and we all saw it coming). The Hollywood Reporter says they have now picked up Deal with the Devil, a title from Alias Enterprises. The comic tells the story of Anthony Goodwin, a police detective forced into retirement after an encounter with Kevin Runyan, the serial killer he was tracing. The bitter man finds solace in the bottle for four years until the killer arrives on his doorstep, asking for help finding his missing sister. Not quite horror but should make for a fascinating thriller.

The comic is written by Mike S. Miller with art by Sherwin Schwartzrock and was initially released as a five-issue miniseries. Alias said a trade collection will be released this fall complete with a new six page prologue. (update: it is now many many years later and no TPB)

The comic book was optioned by David Tischman, no stranger to comic books himself. He’s written such genre offerings as Vertigo’s Bite Club and is executive producer on MTV Films’ Damn Nation, based on Andrew Cosby’s Dark Horse Comics miniseries. “The relationship between detective Anthony Goodwin and serial killer Kevin Runyan is a fantastic twist on the buddy/action film,” Tischman said in a press release. “I read the first issue and I knew had everything it needed to be a great movie.”

“I always imagined this story as a film,” Miller said in the release, “but I realized that it made more sense to translate the story into the comic book medium since that’s where I have the most experience. Fortunately, it turned out quite well, and the book has developed a loyal fan base during its run as a black-and-white comic in the back of a magazine and a stand-alone full-color book from Alias Comics.” (update: I think this has fallen into the Hollywood Pit-where nothing get's out alive!)

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