Friday, December 9, 2016

Rob's Room: Flash Month Cover Homage circa 2014

Flash Month covers circa 2014 & their original reference covers (via Comic Vine)
Wow... This one was a pain to find all the originals... I need help with identifying two below!
Props to Snapper Carr & Jason Garrett for helping me finish this damn post!  
My faith in humanity & the internets have been restored... Thank you, fellow Dorks!


Snapper Carr said...

The Teen Titans one is Teen Titans #2!

Rob said...

Snapper Carr earns a gold star sticker! THANK YOU!

Jason Garrett said...

Green Lantern 71
Gil Kane!

Love your blog!

Rob said...

Jason G. gets the final gold star sticker of the day! THANK YOU (BOTH) FOR HELPING ME FINISH THIS DAMN POST!