Friday, November 11, 2016

Wanted TPB: Rose & Thorn

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Adriana da Silva Melo
Publisher: DC Comics (2004)
Includes: Rose & Thorn #1-6
Clipped from the CBR article Kiss from a Rose - Simone talks DC's 'Rose & Thorn:
The multiple personalities of Rhosyn manifest when she witnesses the murder of her policeman father. This event throws Rhosyn into a rage which results in her being sent for treatment. This is how she meets up with the psychiatrist who attempts a radical new therapy that triggers the split in her psyche. The split creates the personas of Rose, a sweet young woman trying to move on from the tragedy, and Thorn, a highly-volatile woman who seeks to avenge her father's death. In each subsequent issue we find the characters battling the psychiatrist, the organized crime gang known as The 100, the Metropolis PD and even each other."So in one book. I have Rose, crying, smiling, feeling lonely and in the same book, I have Thorn, kicking butts, using high heels, and leather clothes, acting so aggressive and having one only purpose in mind; find the guys that killed her/Rose's parents. It's amazing."

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