Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wanted TPB: Pre-Crisis Earth-Prime Ultraa & Superboy Prime

Writer: Various
DC Comics (1978-85)

Justice League of America #153 , #158, #170, and #201, DC Comics Presents #87, and Superman #414

Clipped from Wikipedia: The Jack Grey version of Ultraa was the first superhero to appear on his particular parallel Earth. The second was Superboy Prime. With all the hoopla with Superboy Prime you'd think this would be a no brainer for DC...well, for the Superboy Prime stuff. As for the Ultraa stuff I want it included in this TPB. Well...

-First, both come from the same pre-crisis planet, our "real" Earth.

-Second, because Ultraa said something in one of the Justice League issues; which always stuck with me. I can't quote it from memory, I can't find it on-line, and I am not digging through thousands of issues of comics to find it, but the gist of it is this.

Does the creation of superheroes cause the creation of supervillains?

As a kid I was like, WHAT?! And it really got me thinking about the whole chicken/egg aspect of the hero myth in comics. Would the Joker exist if Batman hadn't dropped him in the vat. Or Lex Luthor if Superboy hadn't burned off his hair. Are SUPER-villains born from superheroes?

Of course, that's just storytelling in comics. In other storytelling mediums like movies and books usually the hero is born/created from/by the action's of a villain. Luke from Vadar (literally) or Paul Mau'dib from the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

Anyway, food for thought.

By the way anyone who says, "Batman was created by the actions of Joe Chill when he gunned down his parents." I'd say to them, "Joe Chill ain't a SUPER-villain he's just a common criminal...so there in your face!"

-Thirdly, in Ultraa's favor, who doesn't like a name; which ends in two (copyright avoiding) vowels...like aa.

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Mr. Acer said...

I can even think of a good title for a trade paperback of this:

"DC Universe: Tales of Earth-Prime"