Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wanted TPB: Legion of Super-Heroes's The Universo Project

Writer: Paul Levitz 
Artist: Greg LaRocque
Publisher: DC Comics (1987)
Includes:   Legion of Super-Heroes #32-36

Storyline: "Forgotten Heroes"

Clipped from Comic Vine: Saturn Girl wakes up to find herself in some kind of internment camp, on an island surrounded by nothing with water and no means to escape. The other people in the internment camp, including Brainiac 5, Dream Girl and Chameleon Boy, have no recollection of who they are or their life before the camp. Using her telepathy, Saturn Girl learns that everyone has a mental block in their mind but her telepathic powers aided her in overcoming them on her own. She saves her fellow Legionnaires, using her mind powers to overcome their blocks, and devises a plan to get off the island and figure out what's going on. Meanwhile, Universo reveals he hypnotized the President of Earth as well as everyone on the planet. He was also behind the death of his son, Rond Vidar, a fact he claims was necessary in controlling the world.

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