Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wanted TPB: Hero Worship

Writer: Scott Murphy and Zak Penn
Artist: Michael DiPascale
Avatar Press (2012)
Hero Worship #1-6

Review from Bleeding Cool by Rich Johnston: What makes Hero Worship different, is that – initially at least – it’s not about the hero. It’s not even about the world at large. It’s about the superhero’s fans and the way they feel rather familiar. And it’s about a world that can take its only superhero for granted. Apart from a few fans who remain as excited about him as they were when they were children. Even if it gets in the way of their social life. Read the whole Article

Dork Note: This is one of those series where I bought the first issue then thought, "I'll wait for the TPB"; which of course never came out! Perhaps the lack of issue sales from people like me doomed the TPB.

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