Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wanted TPB : Gotham Girls

Writer: Paul D. Storrie
Artist: Jennifer Graves
Publisher: DC Comics (2002) Includes: Gotham Girls #1-5

Clipped from www.comicsbulletin.com and written by Ray Tate:
Jennifer Graves has done a fine job with the series as has Paul Storrie, and it could not have been easy to...

a) find a means to bring all the women of Batman's animated world together as well as

b) make the story coherent as well as more meaningful than one may expect.

Much has been implied and inferred in Harley's and Ivy's relationship both in the series and the comic book spin-offs. Ivy's betrayal of Harley here while making perfect sense still is hurtful, but it's this type of character-driven moment that takes you by surprise and makes the book different than the empty dross in the so called original Universe.

Batgirl also comes out of the series a little more haggard than usual. She's been beaten up, run ragged and forced to question, without angst thank Rao, why she puts on a mask to fight crime every night. She sees her similarities and differences to the much meaner Selina Kyle.

These little nuggets of thought are simply unexpected but welcome. It's the kind of writing that used to be so easy to find but now is a rare treat.

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