Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wanted TPB: Siren

Writer: J. Torres
Tim Levins
Image Comics (1998)
Includes: Siren #1-3

From the guys that brought you...The Copybook Tales (The greatest sliver of 80's comic culture captured on page) comes Siren!, a book that deserved more then it got.The three issue series slipped through the cracks of most Wednesday-holics, but was not forgotten by yours truly.

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Review of Siren by Rebecca Salek on Sequential Tart:

Private Detective Zara Rush, barely scraping by on divorce cases and sexcapades, has finally landed a big case: teenager Chip Baloo has run away from home. Chip is a shapeshifter and his parents are frantic to find him. Unfortunately, Chip has fallen in with a woman who wants nothing more than to destroy Zara and all those she holds dear...

The downside to discovering a series only long after its publication is - not being able to find the first issue! Grr. The same thing happened with The Red Star (Image) and Forty Winks (Peregrine).

I wish I could find the first issue of Siren...and I wish that it had lasted longer than three issues!

Siren is the city, an island city not unlike Manhattan. It is a city in which magic and the paranormal are accepted as the norm. In Siren, the Red Scare didn't involve Communists, but rather vampires. The public library carries books on shapeshifters. Costumed vigilantes patrol the night. And hotel doormen have the ability to teleport from one building to another, using doors as magical gateways.

Siren is a very good story. A hard-boiled PI tale set in a city of vampires and magic. I just wish that I could find the first issue, so I had a better grasp of what was going on. And I wish that Torres and Levins would produce a few more issues. So far as I know, Zara Rush's only appearance since Siren has been in one short story in Love In Tights #6 (see above). That's not enough.
Sidenote: This creative duo released a mini-series, The Family Dynamic; which suffered the same fate as Siren and went TPBless. LAME!

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Monc said...

Fun fact: "The Saga of Chip Baloo" was the working title of the cartoon that eventually became "Jonny Quest."