Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wanted TPB: Legion of Super-Heroes Magic Wars

Writer: Keith Ian Giffen and Paul Levitz
Artist: Keith Ian Giffen
DC Comics (1989)

Legion of Super-Heroes #60-63

Clipped from On-Line: ...a messenger from Sorcerer's World finds Projectra (Sensor Girl) and tells her that technology will soon start failing, and magic will replace physics as the basis for reality. After dealing with the failure of technology for a while (during which Mon-El dies, as the life-support machine he was in failed), Projectra uses a magical spell to bind the laws of physics (as remembered in Sun Boy's mind) to Earth, restoring normalcy.

After being told, in a Projectra-run seance, to go to Sorcerer's World, they head there and eventually discover that Sorcerer's world is locked inside a giant prison, and to open it will take the sacrifice of a life. Magnetic Kid offers himself up, and as he dies, the prison opens, and a giant being called the Archmage, who had been enotombed within Sorcerer's World for millennia, emerges. While some Legionnaires try to stop the Archmage from destroying Sorcerer's World which had been his prison), others go to the surface, where the White Witch tells them that Sorcerer's World is doomed and they are evacuating it. The spirit of Sorcerer's World (Amethyst) tells whoever can hear it (the sorcerers and Blok, who as a rock-being is attuned to the planet's talk) that they should let it be destroyed.

Once the evacuation is complete (with only the White Witch remaining there, with the Legion), the Legion allows the Archmage to destroy Sorcerer's World, whereupon he finds that his existence was tied to the planet, and he has destroyed himself by destroying it.

Dork Note: This storyline concludes the Legion of Super-Heroes before the five year gap happens.

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ChannelNeedless2012 said...

Love this! I've been a longtime fan of the Legion and this was the perfect end to Paul Levitz's run. Initially, he was going to leave after issue #50 but agreed to stay on for one more year and set up Keith Giffen's run.

-Stan Ford, Needless Essentials Online